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Hauntingly Good Law Review Articles

Halloween is only days away, so grab some apple cider, curl up under a blanket, and dive into one of these ghoulish reads.

A Bone to Pick with International Law: The Ghoulish Trade in Human Remains, 26 Mich. St. Int’l L. Rev. 335 (2018).

A Trust for Ted's Head, 88 Miss. L.J. Supra 20 (2019).

Back from the Brink: The Supreme Court Saves the SEC's Rule 10B-5 from the Grim Reaper, 89 UMKC L. Rev. 57 (2020).

Contracts of the Dead: When Should They Haunt the Living?, 49 N.M. L. Rev. 1 (2019).

Giving Up the Ghost: How the Funeral Rule and State Licensing Boards Are Failing to Protect Consumers from Underhanded Undertakers, 27 Elder L.J. 423 (2020).

Jason's Long Night at Camp Blood: Surveying the Independent Copyrightability of Jason Voorhees in the Wake of Horror Inc. v. Miller, 10 Cybaris An Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 41 (2019).

Zombie Cinderella and the Undead Public Domain, 85 Tenn. L. Rev. 961 (2018).

Trick or Treat?: Mississippi County Doesn't Clown Around with Halloween Costumes, 36 Miss. C. L. Rev. 350 (2018).

This post was inspired by Cleveland Marshall College of Law Library's periodic review of Spookiest Law Review Articles. Check out their 2019, 2013, 2011, and 2008 round-ups on their blog, here